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On Anniversary, Kandessa Expands Content Marketing and Sponsored Content Solutions With +social, FLEX Format and Restaurant News

Kandessa Digital (Marketwired) - 07 June 2013

On Anniversary, Kandessa Expands Content Marketing and Sponsored Content Solutions With +social, FLEX Format and Restaurant News App

Kandessa Promotes Content Marketing Services and Expands Sponsored Content Programs to Include Mobile and FLEX Format Sponsored Content

BOSTON, MA--(Marketwired) -  Kandessa Digital announced its content marketing and sponsored content marketing program would rollout FLEX format, mobile-sponsored content and additional content marketing services. On its four-year anniversary, Kandessa Digital, formerly Kandessa Media, expands its content marketing services and discount all fee-based services and advertising.

The launch of FLEX format and mobile sponsored content adds to a sponsored subscription program that is value-positioned in pricing relative to competitors' channels and includes sponsored content on mobile for smartphones and tablets.

As major consultancies like McKinsey have amplified their call to action for more ROI analysis and an improvement of business marketing programs, Kandessa's information-based content marketing and sponsored content marketing programs are timely and provide comprehensive solutions in advertising, branding and content generation.

  • FLEX format will allow any marketer to replace a standard banner advertisement with a sponsored content document, up to 800 words in length for the same price. The document or interest story will become part of Community (sponsored) content.
  • Mobile sponsored content: Through FLEX format, any mobile-digital magazine full-page advertisement in Digital Chain Pulse and Eatery Pulse Magazine can be replaced with a sponsored content document or interest story of up to 900 words in length.
  • Sponsored content subscription program. Sponsored content programs, which include self-service posting options, have been reduced during June to induce trial. Basic, Plus and New England programs have been reduced by 50 percent for the promotional period, expiring June 28.

"We've added new options so marketers can have easy access and inclusion in our popular and compelling magazines, without needing to build their own audience rapidly or pay for potentially ineffective SEO services," says Rick Zambrano, director, Kandessa Digital and Kandessa ondemand.

With the mobile inclusion, Restaurant News App™ mobile-digital publications will carry sponsored content, giving marketers sponsored media opportunities in Digital Chain Pulse Magazine, Eatery Pulse Magazine Digital and soon, Restaurants and Franchising Magazine.

 "The year 2012 saw one of the worst report cards as it relates specifically to existing B2B ad campaigns, according to Corporate Visions," adds Zambrano. "Only 20 percent of marketers are fully satisfied with their ad campaigns. These programs aren't for those that embrace the status quo and place traditional ads, but rather for emerging marketers and seasoned media buyers and marketing professionals that understand the status quo isn't necessarily correlated to ROI or satisfaction rates."

Foodservice marketers with restaurant-facing campaigns, like suppliers and solutions providers, have found a strong marketing and media partner in Kandessa and will now have easy access to solve for common problems found in native and third-party programs:

  • Time to market: The new programs have placement within five business days and benefit from a web audience of more than 60,000 readers annually.
  • Growing an audience: Marketers can now engage restaurateurs using Kandessa magazine audiences rather than spending time and money to build their own audiences for their microsites or spending thousands on big agency campaigns. With promotional rates, getting an announcement or document placed, runs less than $25, which is nearly-fantastical.
  • Content marketing services are expanded to include LinkedIn services and Twitter campaign management through +social, press release and case study generation and distribution, microsites, blogs and website upgrades.

Getting started with innovative sponsored content programs


Marketers launch campaigns with ease using the sponsored content program that has a reach in three different publications and in Kandessa's unique mobile platform. They start their campaign journey by learning more at

For a guide to learn how to boost foodservice marketing campaigns using Kandessa ondemand services, marketers review the slideshare here:

To request more information or apply for a sponsored content account, please For information on our branding & ad opportunities, discounted during June, review the solutions kit at

About Kandessa ondemand, Web+Digital and Restaurant News App™ Magazines
Operating in the premium foodservice news space, the Kandessa Digital information services brand provides multifaceted business intelligence to foodservice management across Boston to Los Angeles. Through its national publication label, Chain Pulse, regional Eatery Pulse Magazine for New England and its mobile-digital counterparts on Restaurant News App, nearly 100,000 foodservice directors, owners and managers will access information and services to run better businesses in 2013.

Kandessa ondemand creates compelling, engaging, and informative content in the foodservice channel. Marketing clients access a range of solutions across a cumulative 20 product and service categories to run better businesses as a result of Kandessa's proven capabilities, including informed, inspired custom content, digital and advertorial publications and content marketing solutions. +social helps foodservice businesses with inspired social media and follow campaigns.

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