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DEMO Fall 2013 Concludes With Touch, Enterprise, Wearable Computing, Payment & Entry, and Hardware Tech Intros, Plus CIO Insight

International Data Group (IDG) (Marketwired) - 17 October 2013

DEMO Fall 2013 Concludes With Touch, Enterprise, Wearable Computing, Payment & Entry, and Hardware Tech Intros, Plus CIO Insights

Expert Speakers Also Offered Sage Advice on Growing a Company, Lessons Learned

SANTA CLARA, CA--(Marketwired) - IDG's DEMO Conference, world-renowned for launching the most innovative technology products, concluded its DEMO Fall 2013 conference today with the most provocative new innovations in the areas of touch, enterprise, wearable computing, payment & entry, and hardware technology. Over the past two days, 41 demonstrators and 16 DEMO God winners from DEMO's international events have showcased the most innovative technologies in 10 categories -- from cloudware to health -- while industry experts took the stage to offer advice and lessons learned.

Day Two speakers included a keynote Founder School session with Jeremy Stoppelman, co-founder and CEO of Yelp, that centered on how to outlast the competition. Stoppelman emphasized that focus was the key -- no matter how ferocious the competition. Other key sessions included a CIO Panel on Selling to the Enterprise; Dell Inc's Ingrid Vanderveldt, Entrepreneur-in-Residence/Curator, talking about what it takes to power an enterprise; Keith Teare, CEO, and Founding Partner, Archimedes Lab, on "the Startup Valley of Death;" and a Founder School presentation on startup funding that featured Ash Fontana, VP Fundraising Products, AngelList; Adam Sager, Founder and CEO, Canary; Jon Fortt, Technology Correspondent, CNBC; and Nabeel Hyatt, Venture Partner, Spark Capital.

DEMO Fall 2013's final group of product debuts included an app to make collecting child support easier, Google Glass applications for the medical industry, a touch entertainment app for music and painting, and an enterprise app that matches intellectual property sellers with potential buyers, among others.

"The talented entrepreneurs showcased at this year's DEMO Fall conference are what continue to make DEMO a must-see event," said Erick Schonfeld, executive producer of DEMO, "and they collectively point to the future where technology is taking us."

Technology Highlights from Day Two included:



HueTunes from Iconicast, LLC - HueTunes is a mobile entertainment app that provides the ultimate combination of music and painting in an easy-to-use interface.
Kula Tech from Kula Tech - Kula is the best technology for publishers to develop mobile applications with beautiful design and touch interface.
Nota from Nota - Nota is a PaaS training platform that lets anyone create a MOOC in under a minute.
Oscar from Oscar Tech - This Oscar is an easy to use and durable communicator designed to keep elderly people in touch, informed, healthy and safe. Oscar helps elderly people to stay in touch with family, friends and caretakers via text messages, pictures and video chat.

BevyUp SRO Suite from BevyUP - This Social Revenue Optimization (SRO) platform lets consumers shop collaboratively with friends and retail experts, while providing online retailers actionable insights into customer purchase sentiment.
idealAsset Match from idealAsset - idealAsset offers the Intellectual Property commercialization industry's first enterprise software application for matching buyers and sellers of intellectual property. Designed to bring transparency and efficiency to a market dominated by lawsuits, idealAsset's solution helps businesses and universities sell and buy assets quicker.
Justworks from Justworks - is the easiest way for new businesses to manage payroll, benefits and compliance. Entrepreneurs can easily and affordably take care of their employees and their businesses by setting up the right way.
ShelfBucks from BrickTrends, LLC - Shelfbucks aims to level the playing field between physical and online retail and revolutionize the brand-to-consumer channel through mobile.

Wearable Computing
Pristine EyeSight/Pristine Checklists from Pristine - Pristine's two applications include Pristine EyeSight -- the first video streaming from Glass to iOS, Android, and desktop; and Pristine Checklists -- configurable checklists for nurses to use pre-op.
People+ from Pro Populi, Inc. - People+ is an accurate and crowdsourced database of people and companies.
GlassPay from Red Bottle Design, LLC - GlassPay lets Google Glass users to make payments with one another by leveraging the power of the Bitcoin and Litecoin cryptographic currencies.
SKULLY P-1 from SKULLY HELMETS - This SKULLY P-1 smart motorcycle helmet with Heads Up Display (HUD) lets riders navigate with simple turn-by-turn GPS maps, and see blind-spots with a 180 degree rearview camera. Skully provides enhanced rider awareness and capability by linking advanced display optics to an intelligent network of onboard cameras, sensors, and microprocessors.

Payment & Entry
ArgoPay from ArgoPay Inc. - ArgoPay is a "credit card" that is completely virtual while creating a mobile payment network that eliminates all of the credit card processing fees and that is easy, fast, and completely secure. ArgoPay collapses the payment stack -- it is an all-in-one CapitalOne, Visa, SquareWallet, FirstData,, and VeriFone.
aptiQmobile from Ingersoll Rand - This aptiQmobile is a ground-breaking product that turns your smartphone into a mobile credential and can then be used to open doors and other applications in lieu of a badge ID card. It is available now on Android NFC devices regardless of choice of carriers.
SupportPay from Ittavi - SupportPay is an automated child support payment platform that streamlines the complex, time-consuming and stressful process that impacts nearly 300 million parents worldwide. With SupportPay, parents spend less time managing child support and more time focused on raising happy, healthy children. from Sekur Me, Inc. - is an online payment and two-factor authentication user experience that reduces payment friction at checkout pages and increases online revenues by 20 percent. Every transaction is verified by a unique mobile-fingerprint that can't be falsified.

The Explorer from Bounce Imaging - Low-cost throwable cameras and sensors initially designed for first responders that transmit panoramic images and data to your mobile device.
BedScales from Genetrainer - BedScales replaces your bathroom scales and analyzes your sleep. Pressure pads go under the legs of your bed and weigh you every night, recording your sleep. Data is automatically uploaded to the BedScales website so users can see how their daily activities affect their sleep and weight.
NuRoast from NuRoast - The NuRoast system brings the freshest possible roasted coffee to the general consumer. NuRoast home users experience real fresh flavor coffee personal choice, on demand, and to their desired roast level -- all at the push of a button.

DEMO God Award™ Winners
The DEMO God Awards are presented to the DEMO Fall 2013 companies that exhibit exceptional potential to thrive in the market while inspiring and stimulating the DEMO audience. Congratulations to the following companies that were honored with DEMO God Awards during DEMO Fall 2013:

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The DEMO Fall 2013 conference would not be possible without its dedicated sponsors, including Knowledge Partner McKinsey & Company, and Platinum Sponsors AARP, American Airlines, Citrix Startup Accelerator, Dell, LIONS@FRICA, Porter Novelli, and SAP. Visit the DEMO Sponsor page for a full list of sponsoring companies.

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