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LexisNexis® Launches New Social Media Investigative Solution for Law Enforcement

LexisNexis Risk Solutions (Marketwired) - 15 October 2013

LexisNexis® Launches New Social Media Investigative Solution for Law Enforcement

Social Media Monitor Allows Agencies to Identify and Prevent Dangerous Situations

WASHINGTON, DC--(Marketwired) - LexisNexis® Risk Solutions today announced it has expanded its capabilities to assist law enforcement officials with investigations and critical incidents such as gang violence, drug dealing, crimes against children and human trafficking through the use of social media. Social Media Monitor, a new capability in the LexisNexis Accurint® for Law Enforcement platform that is powered by the technology of DigitalStakeout®, allows agencies to discover risks and threats by leveraging social media to provide actionable intelligence.

"Social media is a critical tool for crime prevention and detection, especially since it crosses all demographics," said Haywood J. Talcove, chief executive officer, Government, LexisNexis Risk Solutions. "Some individuals even use these platforms to post evidence or intent of criminal activity. LexisNexis is dedicated to providing law enforcement professionals the solutions to meet their public safety missions and is proud to be able to offer Social Media Monitor to help officers control or prevent dangerous situations."

According to a LexisNexis survey of over 1,200 active law enforcement officers, four out of five utilize social media sites to help with investigations and three of four non-users intend to begin using social media for investigations this year. To meet this growing demand, Social Media Monitor helps to unlock the value of big data from social media, providing the ability to discover risks, threats and gain actionable intelligence. This new capability can alert officers to potential areas of concern and help them identify posts and/or tweets within specific geographical locations. By entering a few search terms, law enforcement personnel are provided a social canvas within minutes, adding a virtual dimension to traditional public records data.

With a goal of assisting law enforcement in locating suspects, discovering criminal activity, gathering evidence and preventing crime, Social Media Monitor features:

  • Web-based platform with no software to install
  • Keyword, geographic or individual targeted searches
  • Powerful analysis dashboard and search console
  • Apps to integrate social media accounts

LexisNexis will debut Social Media Monitor at the International Association of Chiefs of Police (IACP) conference, taking place October 19-23, 2013 in Philadelphia, PA (booth #1325). To schedule an onsite briefing, please contact A.J. Guenther at 571-323-2585 ext. 2130

For more information on the value of social media in investigations, download thiswhitepaper.

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