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2015 Global Competitiveness Top 10 Brands from China Announced by IDG

IDG China (PR Newswire) - 07 November 2015

Shaping the New Landscape of Internet Plus Brand

SAN FRANCISCO/PRNewswire/ -- The awarding ceremony of the internationally authoritative competition 2015 Global Competitiveness Brands Top 10 from China was held in San Francesco on November 6, 2015. Leading companies well known for their global competitiveness and sustainable growth received trophies on the ceremony. They are SinoPec, Industrial and Commercial Bank of China, China Construction Bank, China Life Insurance, China Mobile, Huawei, China Electronics Corporation, ZTE, Tencent and Alibaba. The three single prizes -- the Most Sustainably Competitive Brand, the Most Popular Brand with Core Competence, and the Brand with the Most Innovative Competence -- respectively went to SinoPec, Great Wall Technology and China Life Insurance, showcasing the competitiveness of Chinese companies.

A new structure of the world coupled with the rise of disruptive technologies has substantially changed the global landscape of branding power, unanimously agreed the judge panel of the 2015 competition. While China in this process has become a must-win market for the titanic multinational companies, the global influence and competitiveness of Chinese brands have also been largely bolstered. In the context that new information technologies like the mobile Internet and cloud computing are driving companies around the world to evolve to a new business model characterized by "market + the Internet + ecosystem," Senior Chinese Leadership put forward the idea "Internet Plus" at the National People's Congress in March 2015. This gave the booming Chinese brands a new impetus in exploiting the potentials of technology breakthroughs, product innovation, and communication and marketing. The winners of the 2015 Global Competitiveness Brands Top 10 from China are those who kept sharpening the global competitive edge of their brands through developing new strategic thinking and offering excellent products, technology and services. They successfully captured business opportunities by upgrading the brand value and prepared themselves for future growth as both the pioneers and the locomotives in the "Internet Plus" age.

Global Competitiveness Brands Top 10 from China, organized by IDG, has been successfully held for six years. Continuingly unfolding China's branding power to the rest of the world, this year's competition under the theme "Shaping the New Landscape of Internet Plus Brand" incorporates the new growth potentials enabled by future-oriented marketing competency of a brand as an important assessment criterion, to look into the new growth points of brands in the age of "Internet Plus."

In parallel with the awarding ceremony, the organizer held an Executive Leadership Training at University of California, Berkeley. The training helped the Chinese companies to develop a new strategic mindset in the Internet Plus Age, enhanced the overall capabilities of Chinese brands on their road to globalization in terms of sustainable competitiveness and sustaining development and strengthening global competitiveness with robust development.

In the Internet Plus Age, as companies around the world are embracing another wave of high-speed growth driven by e-commerce, industrial Internet and e-finance, Chinese brands are set for a new voyage. For instance, featured high safety performance, ZTE AXON was a state gift Chairman Xi Jinping presented to UK Government. Global Competitiveness Brands Top 10 from China demonstrates the strength of Chinese brands, helps Chinese enterprises to make innovative breakthroughs in the Internet Plus Age to harness the potentials of future marketing. Ultimately the branding strengths will gear up the Chinese firms to succeed in the global market and realize the goal of sustainable development.


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