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Blackboard Unveils New Mobile App for Instructors

Blackboard Inc. (PR Newswire) - 25 July 2017

Blackboard Instructor gives faculty mobile access to view course content, participate in discussions, create announcements, and virtually collaborate with students

NEW ORLEANS/PRNewswire/ -- Blackboard Inc., a leading education technology company for teaching, learning and student engagement, today announced the initial launch of Blackboard Instructor, a brand new mobile app that provides instructors with a simple and intuitive way to manage courses, view content, and interact with students. The announcement was made at BbWorld 2017, Blackboard's annual conference focused on helping institutions meet the needs of learners, taking place July 25-27 in New Orleans, Louisiana.

Blackboard Instructor delivers a next-generation, user-friendly mobile interface that helps educators increase efficiency, improve student engagement and quickly complete critical activities inside and outside of the classroom. The app was built around core instructor workflows and gives educators access to critical tools right at their fingertips.

Blackboard Instructor allows educators to view their courses and review course content to ensure that it is mobile-friendly for students. In addition, Blackboard Instructor makes it easy for educators to communicate with their students on-the-go with mobile access to discussion board threads, as well as the ability to review, create and send out announcements to students. Instructors can also join or host web conferencing sessions using Blackboard Collaborate directly in the app.

The latest addition to Blackboard's suite of mobile solutions, Blackboard Instructor is designed to better meet the needs of instructors and educators worldwide. It complements the Blackboard app for students, Blackboard's next generation native mobile solution that helps students stay organized, engaged and up-to-date on their academic progress and requirements. Blackboard Instructor is available in iOS and Android app stores globally for use on phones and tablets.

Blackboard Instructor will follow the company's continuous delivery model and introduce new features as they are developed to ensure value and convenience is provided to users as soon as possible. This delivery strategy allows Blackboard to gather user feedback, iterate and improve all of its features over time. Blackboard is currently working with institutions to gather feedback on initial grading workflows, which will be the next area of focus for Blackboard Instructor.

"We understand that instructors don't have time to waste, and that's why we've created a mobile solution focused on the key workflows and tools most important in their everyday lives," said Brook Bock, Vice President of Mobile Solutions at Blackboard. "Whether they're quickly checking in on their courses, reviewing content or communicating with students, Blackboard Instructor puts critical tools in the hands of instructors, whenever and wherever they need it."

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