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Social Media Portal


Agencies and Consultancies

SMP for agencies and consultancies

With the number of social media driven resources and technologies available, the Social Media Portal (SMP) enables agencies and consultancies to tap into the latest information, news and updates from social networks and the web 2.0 environment as they continue to evolve.

Agency and consultancy success in this space is reliant upon keeping abreast of the latest developments that arise and the impact these developments have upon the strategies and campaigns that are delivered.  

The growing area for social media is niche networks, technology and new growing channels such as mobile and interactive TV. But with so many new social networks and avenues out there, how do you find the one that is right for your client and campaign?  SMP allows you to really drill down to find the social networks that your target audience spend their time online with; you can identify social networks by their category, country, age demographics or content (or all of the above).

SMP bridges the gap between many other different resources in keeping both traditional (direct) and digital advertising, marketing, public relations (PR) agencies locked into what will transform the way brands need to interact with their audiences.

The benefits for agencies and consultancies:

  • Drill down and find the audience you are looking for (including what advertising and content is accepted)
  • Increase knowledge on how to harness the power of advertising, marketing and PR assets that lend themselves to social media
  • Understand how to work with social media, social networks and the marketing technology that powers them
  • Keep up to date with the latest social media campaigns; learn what works and what doesn’t so you can apply it in your own activities
  • Research past and current social landscape resources to benchmark successful activity and campaigns
  • Keep up-to-date with the latest global environment, trends and developments with analyst case studies, reports, research and whitepapers
  • Tell our audience (including brands) what you are accomplishing in this space; tell us about your campaigns, case studies and be interviewed about them

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