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Social Media Portal


Media Planners and Buyers

SMP for Media Planners and buyers

Social Media Portal (SMP) provides information for media planners and buyers for advertising and marketing campaigns across social networks, social media and Web 2.0 sites.  With the rapidly growing landscape, many new sites launch everyday.  

SMP provides data and contacts for media planning and buying working with resources throughout the social media Landscape and also considers the relationships between sites and how that may have an impact upon your activity.

From blogs, chat rooms, forums and newsgroups; SMP indentifies what sites and resources are relevant to the types of activity that are crucial to social media and digitally driven campaigns.

Benefits for media planners and buyers
  • A free resource to plan your social media activity and campaigns with better accuracy
  • Search by age groups and content to pin-point the audiences you wish to reach
  • Look for advertising hot spots that are going to ensure a successful campaign
  • See the relationships between sites and how you can build strategies that suit your campaign
  • Watch the landscape evolve and learn how to engage and interact with it more effectively
  • Keep up-to-date with the latest global environment, trends and developments with analyst case studies, reports, research and whitepapers

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