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Social Media Portal



Why did we create SMP?

We are interested in all things social media; from blogs, forums, social networks, podcasting, user generated content (UGC) to the related technologies and owners behind them.  This is commonly referred to as the social media landscape, but our Landscape looks into the relationships between groups, individuals and business from a variety of different perspectives to paint a fuller picture of what has transpired in this space and how it continues to evolve.

We are interested to see how all parts of social media interact with each other, how they will evolve with technology, how brands, advertisers and publishers get involved; how and why individuals all over the world use them.  We are also interested to see how the role of business, culture, commerce and other socio-economic factors have an impact upon the Landscape and it upon them.   

The team behind the Social Media Portal (SMP) have been immersed in social networks since 1991 before the term was coined (as participants and researchers) long before the media coverage and prolific interest about them started.   Social media isnít new to us; itís just a new term.  What we know as social media and social media marketing was started by a range of factors that acted as catalysts; this medium now contributes to shaping the way we communicate and how we form relationships Ė and this is what intrigues and interests us.

Who does SMP benefit?

We built SMP to provide you an opportunity to research, explore, learn, interact and participate in mapping social media resources online.  The intention is for you to be as excited and interested about it as we are.

See the below that breaks down the relevance of SMP for different groups of users that use SMP:

  • Agencies and consultancies
  • Analysts and researchers
  • Bloggers
  • Brands
  • Consumers
  • Media planners and buyers
  • Journalists and media
  • Social media owners
  • Technology providers

If you have any questions about SMP visit for our FAQs as a first point of call, if you donít find the answer you are looking for please reach out to us via our contact form and weíll do our best to answer it.