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Social Media Portal


Technology Providers

SMP for technology providers

As a technology provider to a social media related site, itís vital that you are able to communicate directly with potential clients and media.  Social Media Portal (SMP) gives you the platform to do this and tell the world what you do, how you do it and why they should be listening.

Whether you are a creator of widgets and applications, or you provide online reputation tools, an interactive video platform or build social media friendly content management systems (CMSs), by adding your profile to the social media Landscape on SMP, you are increasing your visibility in a market that has never-ending noise and activity.  The marketplace is evolving and growing at an incredible rate.  Ensure that you keep ahead and are seen by the people that need to connect with your expertise.

Benefits for technology providers
  • Build your company and/or personal profile so your audience appreciates what you do
  • Update interested media recipients with your news by adding your latest technology and social media related press releases
  • Discover potential clients, partners, new and emerging competitors
  • Connect with media planners and buyers, brand owners and site owners who may not be aware of the potential benefits you offer their consumers
  • Embrace the culture of the social Web and continue to grow, share and evolve with your peers
  • Learn what your competitors and peers are developing, discover how to enhance what you are creating and stay ahead
  • Learn what is going to make the difference today and tomorrow

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