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The Social Media Portal (SMP) focuses upon editorial content that centres around social media, social networks, user generated content (UGC), blogs; anything web 1.0, 2.0, 3.0 and beyond.  

SMP also interviews individuals and organisations (analysts, bloggers, freelancers, consultants and researchers through to company spokespeople) that have a connection to the aforementioned. We select individuals with something interesting to say and contribute to the industry as opposed to the stature of their role or company.

One of SMPís primary objectives is to discover and share what has transpired to date in order to pass the knowledge on, whilst becoming a solid resource to share news of what is currently shaping our digital future.  We consistently strive to achieve both of these objectives to benefit our readership.

SMP is an on-going and committed project by the creators (which means the creators do have a day job outside of SMP), but there is new and up-to-date content added every day, with weekly original news stories developed and written in-house by experienced media professionals.

The content that SMP publishes includes:
  • In-house original written articles, editorial, features and news
  • Research papers, campaigns, events, polls and white papers
  • Opinion pieces from those immersed in the social media space with something to contribute
  • SMP Profiled features interviews with individuals selected by SMP

Research papers, campaigns, events, polls and white papers

Our in-house team endeavours to source the data, information and news from a variety of primary, secondary and territory resources.  We also draw upon content from registered users that update us with information that the addresses the subject matter of SMP.   

Content is reviewed before it is published to ensure that the benefit to academics, advertisers, businesses, journalists, marketers, PRs, researchers and more is maintained.  So, if you are submitting content, please ensure it is relevant, so we may identify you as a valuable resource in future.

In conclusion

In short, SMP is more interested in what you can contribute and how.  We are less interested in people that bill themselves as social media gurus, evangelists, mavens, award-winners and thought leaders, but more interested in the voices that cut through the cheese and tell us what they are really experiencing in the digital industry.

Review our content through this navigation tab and refer to About us, to read more in-depth about SMP; including the people behind the portal, why we started it and what we are trying to achieve.

The best way of contacting us and letting us know more about you, or the clients you represent is registering with the site and adding your details (or your Landscape items e.g. a blog). 

Or, you may use our contact form here and send us a brief message.  Please do not use this form for press releases or similar content.

If you are unsure if your content has been added, you can use the methods below, before you contact us.

  • The SMP search facility
  • Use search engines and news search such as Google, specifically Google News. Use the text in the search box and use that facility to see if your content has been added
  • Review your Landscape item listing for your content and the tabs related to your resource
  • Subscribe to our RSS feeds and reader accounts to see if you content has been published
  • Review and/or subscribe to our microblogging accounts such as Twitter and see if we have announced your addition here

Read more about the type of content and adding it here and our FAQs.