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Social Media Portal


Analysts and Researchers

SMP for Analysts and researchers

Case studies, research, reports and whitepapers are at the heart of every agency or consultancy for activity undertaken.  Knowing more about the industry, the target audience, partners, the environment, seasonal demands and trends makes the difference between a good and a fantastic campaign. 

Social Media Portal (SMP) aids researchers and analysts not only carry out the information gathering process, it helps you deliver the result to your target audience the people that need it the most agencies and consultancies.

SMP is the first port of call for agencies and consultancies to gather the intelligence and information on social media, social networks and Web 2.0 related issues.  Therefore, as analysts and researchers the Research section of SMP is ideal way for you to reach your audiences.

Benefits for analysts and researchers
  • Learn about the different resources in the social media landscape and what research is going to be most relevant to your clients
  • Detailed knowledge including audience size, advertising types and contacts for each resource in the Landscape to assist your information gathering
  • Promote your case studies, events, reports, research, and whitepapers through SMP to reach your clients keeping your audience abreast of the latest developments
  • Build an archive of the above, directing traffic and enquiries back to your own website
  • Experience what other research and analyst are focusing upon globally and understand how your can bring these benefits to your audiences

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