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Social Media Portal


There are 16 FAQs

  • What is the Social Media Portal (SMP)?
    The Social Media Portal (SMP) is a connection between agencies, brands and consumers that are interested or use social media and related channels.

    This may include blogs, communities, forums, user generated content (UCG) and similar platforms that allow individuals to communicate.
  • Who created SMP?
    SMP was created by communications consultancy Elemental Communications.
  • Why did you build the SMP?
    We are interested to see how the different types of services and people that use them  interact (that includes us).
  • Is it a free service to use?
    Yes. It's been a free service to use since 2007. Registration details are here
  • How is the site funded?
    SMP was initially funded by Elemental and now little support comes from Google Adsense generated by the ads on the site.

    Any revenue generated is used for web hosting and developments costs.
  • How do I find things in the SMP Landscape?
    SMP launched on 26 September 2007, we are striving to add sites daily to the Landscape.

    It is likely that the resource you have in mind will be added by either Elemental, or the site owner (or you can add it if you wish). If you are a site owner and would like to add your site, please visit the registration page. If you would like to update or recommend a new or existing SMP item, please contact Elemental through the contact form.
  • Why can't I add my personal page for a social media for a UCG site?
    We are trying to build a landscape that is representative of the main services.

    Although individual pages from services are great, we are unable to include all of them at this stage.
  • How do I add my content?
    Make sure you read the submission guidelines first.

    You are able to add your own press releases, events, campaigns and research papers.  You do this by registering, and clicking on the ?Add content? button for the relevant section, e.g. if you want to add a press release, go to the press release page and click on the ?Add press release? button on the top right hand side.

    Once you add your content, it will be reviewed by SMP?s editorial team to ensure that your content meets our guidelines before being published the site.
  • How can I add my press release to SMP?
    To submit press releases on SMP, you must first register.

    Once you are registered and have confirmed your membership, you can submit relevant press releases.

    Press release submissions are free. Your press release must be relevants as outlined in the submission guidelines.

    You may recommend your press release to the SMP editorial team who will consider writing up your news for inclusion in the SMP news section (before they are communicated or pitched in elsewhere).

    To increase the likelihood of making it into the news section you should contact the SMP editorial team ahead of time with your news and scoops. You can contact the SMP editorial team via contact form. Do not cut and paste press releases here.

  • Why haven?t the URLs I added to my article or interview been added?
    We will, in most cases, publish a maximum of three URLs per article or interview.  ny more than may be removed so they don't interfere with the editorial quality.
  • Can I make changes to my published article or interview?
    SMP is a news outlet, and like any news outlet we strive to please our readers and meet their expectations of a said resource.  We will change mistakes that have occurred during the process of publishing, such as an incorrect / incomplete URL etc.

  • How do I find my content in SMP?
    If you are unsure if you content has added, you can use the methods below, before you contact us.

    - The SMP search facility

    - Use search engines and news search such as Google and especially Use the text in the search box
    Review your Landscape item listing for your content and the tabs related to your resource
    - Review the content areas on the SMP site in

    Read more about the type of content and adding it here and other FAQs

  • Why haven't you published my content?
    There can be a number of reasons for this, not limited to:

    1. You haven't followed our guidelines
    2. Your content wasn't relevant to our audience
    3. The content is Spammy and SEO driven, not what we're trying to achieve on SMP

    We are implementing nofollow throughout SMP short (Q4 2013), so if hyperlinking or link strategy is you only reason for trying to use SMP, it's not going to be any use to you.
  • How do I remove my content?
    Send us the full URL of the page that you wish to remove using our contact form at

    Ensure you can prove that you represent the business and/or brand with a valid email address and full contact details.

    If you have used disavow you will need to demonstrate when and how you will remove SMP from this.

    We strive to remove content within 72 hours.
  • My site is in the Landscape, how can I edit it?
    The SMP team will be adding sites on a continual basis to the SMP Landscape.

    If your site is already in the landscape and you want to add or edit the details,  email the SMP team via the contact form. We will then assign your website to your account, giving you full control over your resource content.
  • When will my interview be published?
    We are unable to give you an exact date for publication, as it depends on editorial schedule.  SMPs editorial team may give you an estimation, however, we reserve the right to change this, if required. 

    The best way to know if and when your content has been published, is to subscribe to SMPs RSS feeds and/or follow us on Twitter @smponline.