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Social Media Owners

SMP for social media owners

If you own or manage the public relations for a social media site then adding it to Social Media Portal (SMP) and including it in the social media Landscape has many benefits..

Bloggers, social networks and virtual worlds (and more) can help consumers discover your site, educate media professionals and reach out to advertisers, brand owners, media planners and buyers to potentially monetise your site.

SMP can become your virtual showcase.  Your social media site news, updates, history (by building your timeline), events, campaigns and press releases can all be added to your SMP profile.  

By including your site in the Landscape you are increasing your visibility in a continually evolving and saturated market.

Benefits for site owners
  • Update interested media recipients with your news by adding your latest social media related press releases, campaigns, events and case studies
  • Discover new and emerging competitors (or sites with potential synergy)
  • Reach out to media planners and buyers by detailing your advertising scope on your SMP profile
  • Help new users to find your social network or blog in market with a lot of noise
  • Connect with brand owners who may not be aware of the potential benefits you offer their consumers
  • Demonstrate your expertise across your markets and industries through opinion and through leadership articles (and build visibility)

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