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Social Media Portal



SMP for business; the impact upon businesses

The Social Media Portal (SMP) strives to understand the relationships businesses possess within social networks, UGC, social media and so on and share this insight with our users.  We are interested in the economic and financial aspects of organisations regardless of the size and stature they have in this area.  

To start mapping these intricate relationships, SMP has currently defined the initial categories to demonstrate how businesses have always shared common relationships and how they evolve in the social media landscape.  Your business must meet the criteria we stipulate (see the Landscape items for guidance); having an interest in social media.

Appreciating that not all businesses fall into categories we currently provide, we will cater for other industries that will allow owners to create more detailed profiles in the future.  In doing so, you can build content relevant to you and link it into other Landscape items (to which we will advise you when this functionality becomes available).
If you are unsure if your business satisfies criteria to be a SMP Landscape item visit the inclusion page to learn more.  If that does not serve your requirements, you are always welcome to visit our frequently asked questions (FAQs) or send us a short enquiry through our form and we will discuss how best to position your business and your activities.

Benefits for businesses
  • Add, change and/or update your business and company details to SMP directory for free at your own leisure
  • Publish content that relates to your business e.g. contacts, events, information, logo, news, press releases, research, RSS feeds and so on
  • List your clients and partners that you supply consultancy, products and services to
  • Demonstrate the relationships that you have with your clients, partners and strategic partners
  • List relevant products and services along with key contact details at your organisation
  • Research other companies and competitors that may relate to your business and what you do
  • Become part of the SMP landscape; contribute and grow, learn more about social media, and evolve as it does
  • Invite your clients, partners and peers to find and make a connection with you throughout the social media landscape

To register and learn more visit our registration page.