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Social Media Portal


Media and Publishers

Journalists, media and publishers

To keep ahead of your competition, Social Media Portal (SMP) can connect you to the latest studies, reports, research and whitepapers for your articles, features and news stories.  If social media, social networks and/or Web 2.0 are your beats, or you require information to help you complete an article or feature SMP can help you break your news first, and with better accuracy.

You can reach social networks directly to arrange interviews or find data or information to support your work.

Benefits for journalists, media and publishers
  • Use SMP to connect directly to the creators, owners and managers of social networks, Web 2.0 technology vendors and publishers
  • Be the first to access data and information to break your articles an stories ahead of competitors
  • Become part of the social media Landscape and add your blog (or publication?s blog) to reach your targeted audiences and have them reach you
  • Learn about what brands are doing in the social networking space
  • Discover social media related events to attend
  • Get background information on the history and connections of various social networks and how they interact with each other
  • Keep up-to-date with the latest global environment, trends and developments with analyst case studies, reports, research and whitepapers

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