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Social Media Portal



SMP for Consumers

We are all consumers (users) of social media and therefore social networks. Whether we are aware, or whether we like it or not we are consumers of this medium.  Social networks have transcended digital media and platforms; touching millions of people everyday and shapes many ways in which we communicate.

Social Media Portal (SMP) serves consumers by ensuring that they know about the latest developments and news that relates to their favourite social network as well as find new and up and coming social networks that relate to a particular interest.

In addition, SMP helps you find out what is happening within this space generally.  If you need to learn about what is changing in this rapidly evolving space and keep a check on issues like privacy, the best sites to visit etc `? SMP is the resource for you.

Benefits for consumers

  • Discover what social networks are and how they affect us all
  • Learn about the different sites in the social media Landscape and which are most relevant and useful for you
  • Keep a check on networks on how to use them properly through articles on SMP  
  • Feedback you thoughts on the new medium that  creates so my interest, entertainment and controversy
  • Add your blog so that new audiences can discover your writing
  • Find social networks, blogs and podcasting sites that appeal to a particular area of interest

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