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FinTech Expo & Conference 2016

Mojo Solutions Event Management (Mojo Solutions Event Management) - 25 October 2016

FinTech Expo & Conference

Date: 25 October 2016
Location: etc Venue, 155 Bishopsgate London, London, UK

Hyperlink FinTech Expo & Conference logoFinTech Expo & Conference hosted at TTE 2016 is a platform designed to not only explore the hot new tech and innovations disrupting the world of finance but educate on how to successfully implement FinTech within a Business or Enterprise with a focus around the Contextual use of FinTech Innovations.

FinTech is disrupting sectors such as retail, leisure, financial services and the enterprise through innovations in mobile payments, money transfers, loans, fundraising and even asset management. Soon there won't be a business or enterprise that won't be able  succeed and flourish without the right FinTech services in place.

TTE 2016, the hosting event of FinTech Expo is a two day conference and interactive expo with a focus on exploring and engaging in the contextual application of emerging technologies. The topics covered include contextual strategies, contextual enterprise, augmented and virtual reality (mixed reality) as well as 3D Printing, IoT and robotics

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For full event details and to register to attend FinTech Expo visit the website. Twitter @TheTechExpo and hashtag #TTE2016.

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