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NewsCred creates journalist resource for brands called the NewsRoom

Tim Gibbon (Social Media Portal (SMP)) - 18 October 2013

NewsCred to create freelance journalist network to service brands

Content marketing resource NewsCred to create network for freelance journalists

Content marketing and syndication company NewsCred has created a freelance journalist community called the NewsRoom to service brands.

NewsCred logoCurrently building its community, the NewsRoom is striving to create an exclusive community of freelancers, influencers and experts creating content for brands.  The service seeks to become the highest paying network in the market with 100% of the fees from each article being awarded to the journalist.  

The new service seeks to build a network of 500 hand-selected digital artists, journalists, photographers and videographers that brands can tap into, something Shafqat Islam, CEO and co-founder of NewsCred sees as a support to the journalism industry, ?At NewsCred, we?re committed to helping the journalism industry not just survive, but truly thrive. With the NewsRoom, freelance writers receive 100% of fees for the creation of each article. We?re proud to be the highest paying freelance network, proving our commitment to the growth and sustainability of journalism.?

NewsRoom sign-up pageEven though many brands have been producing content in one form or another, it?s not necessarily being applied effectively.  As the term and the apparent need content marketing grows in popularity, reaching higher up the marketing chain, more businesses are latching onto it.

Businesses are starting to think content marketing, even embracing its importance, though at times not understanding what it is, the potential its impact (positively and negatively) and how to create it successfully.  Journalists and publishers are amongst professionals with some of the right skills to offer content marketing to brands.  How brands and indeed consumers of the content through react the network remains to be seen.

In an effort to focus upon quality over quantity, branded original content will be offered through exclusive partnerships with publishers. The service will also provide design, infographics, multimedia content, photographs and video content.  ?Original content now complements our growing Publisher Network, which recently hit a milestone of over 4,000 fully-licensed sources. With both licensed and original content, NewsCred is the definitive solution for every marketer?s needs,? continued Islam.

NewsCred recently opened its London office citing the growing demand of global content marketing the reason for choosing the UK?s capital for its expansion.

NewsCred?s European-based content licensing agreements include Agence France-Presse, The Economist, The Daily Telegraph, The Financial Times, The Guardian with international clients BSkyB, Capgemini, Orange Telecom, Pepsi and Toyota. NewsCred was founded by Shafqat Islam, Iraj Islam and Asif Rahman in 2008 and has offices in New York, London and Dhaka.

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