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Facebook commits tens of millions of dollars to community programs

Agnieszka Gibbon (Social Media Portal (SMP)) - 11 February 2018

Facebook announces a global initiative, the Facebook Community Leadership Program investing in people who build communities.

The social platform revealed new services and tools at the Facebook Communities Summit (FCS) Europe, a gathering of over 300 community leaders from across Europe seeking support and technology to empower their communities.

Facebook has introduced new tools for group administrators, including the expansion of its London-based engineering team, responsible for building technology to help keep people safe on Facebook. The social platform will commit tens of millions of dollars to the program, including up to $10 million in grants going directly to people creating and leading communities.Facebook Communities Summit Europe

Facebook intends to offer more help through its platform for admins who create, build and manage communities using apps, services and tools dubbed its Facebook Community Leadership Program. The range of initiatives has the common pursuit of building a more efficient, effective and safe environment for communities and in turn for them to ensure members benefit.

Facebook Community Leadership Program

New features Facebook has added strives to help admins improve how they connect with their communities and help them stay safe. The features include:

Residency and fellowship opportunities
  • Community leadership circles; allowing local community leaders to meet up in person to collaborate and learn
  • The advancement a specific community initiative for progressive community leaders by providing training, support and funding

New tools for group admins and members; closed groups where leaders of the most active groups on Facebook share advice and connect with the Facebook team to get help and test new features:

  • Admin tools
  • Group announcements
  • Group rules
  • Personalisation
Facebook logo 300x300
Expansion of the London engineering team for community safety:
  • Detecting and stopping fake accounts
  • Protecting people from harm
  • Improving ways to report content

Applications are now open for the residency and fellowship, with Facebook advising individuals to apply via For more detail on the level of awards read the Facebook press release.

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