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YUDU Media Partners with Top That! Publishing to Produce Interactive Licensed Froobles iBooks

YUDU Media (PR Newswire) - 08 March 2013


YUDU Media Partners with Top That! Publishing to Produce Interactive Licensed Froobles iBooks

Digital Publishing Platform Brings Flagship Fruit and Veggie Characters to Life with Interactive Story and Activity Books for Preschoolers

LONDON/PRNewswire/ -- Digital publishing pioneer YUDU Media today announced a new partnership with Top That! Publishing that brings the company's best-selling The Froobles series of children's books to life with interactive features on the iBooks platform. YUDU will debut the first two licensed The Froobles iBook titles, At the Seaside and Fairytale Adventure, at the Bologna Children's Book Fair, March 25-28.

The new digital series for preschoolers, based on the popular fruit and vegetable characters, will add a host of fun, interactive games and activities to the much-loved book series designed to encourage children to read, teach important life lessons and promote early learning. Each book is full of little surprises that let children tap, swipe, listen, read, draw, color and sing-along as they embark on an adventure with their favorite characters.

"We're incredibly pleased to have another great new licensing partner for The Froobles brand," said David Henderson, managing director of Top That! Publishing, said. "We think children will really engage with the YUDU iBook range and it's another positive step for our little characters learning big lessons about growing up."

With more than a million copies of The Froobles books sold in just the first 12 months, the series has already earned Top That! a spot as a finalist for the IPG London Book Fair International Achievement Award 2013 for overseas sales.

"Inspiring kids to become lifelong readers requires a new breed of engaging, interactive content," saidRichard Stephenson, CEO of YUDU. "The combination of The Froobles' fun and relatable characters with the interactive elements made possible through the YUDU platform will make this new series irresistible for children. And, parents will also appreciate the important lessons and educational activities packaged into one."

The YUDU multi-platform publishing system enables publishers to convert books, magazines and educational materials into multiple digital formats and augment the content with multimedia elements such as video, animations, games and quizzes, and a Read Aloud capability to aid early readers. The system can also be used to convert corporate materials, brochures, catalogs and more into multi-platform digital publications.

The Froobles already have publishing partners in China, South Korea, North America, Brazil, Australia,New Zealand and the UK. Additional countries are set to join the worldwide publishing program at the Bologna Book Fair.

For more information on The Froobles brand and YUDU iBooks please visit For more on how the YUDU Media platform can deliver fast ROI for print-to-digital book, magazine and other printed material conversion, visit

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About The Froobles

The Froobles are a preschool character brand launched by Top That! Publishing in October 2011, and are made up of unique characters that have been brought to life by the magic of children's imaginations. The Froobles live in an ever-changing world in which they have fun adventures while learning valuable lessons along the way. The Froobles brand is educational, while being positive, fun and promoting a healthy lifestyle. Over 1.2 million Froobles books have been sold since launch. Visit for more information on the worldwide book publishing and licensing program .