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MyFyx Launches Globally

MyFyx (PR Newswire) - 20 June 2016

New App Blends Social and Free Music Downloads to Reconfigure a Broken Industry

NEW YORK/PRNewswire/ -- The MyFyx social music app launched today, allowing music lovers to connect with people all over the world who share similar musical tastes and passions, while receiving unlimited free downloads from new and emerging artists.

Using the MyFyx app, music lovers can find like-minded friends who live near them, or are a world away, and can interact dynamically, affirming lasting connections, all the while receiving free music.

MyFyx offers users an authentic music environment, beyond just listening: users connect and share experiences - whether artistic, fun or just day to day.

In essence, MyFyx is really like a music club in your pocket. You can choose the kind of club you want to go to, and then go.

The new app is available for free in iOS and Android formats, at the App Store and on Google Play.  It includes features such as discovery, connections, chat, music streaming, and downloading songs directly to a device, all for free.

MyFyx was founded not to disrupt, but to reconfigure a broken industry in a way that really does count undiscovered artists. You can find the MyFyx manifesto at


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