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Internationally Recognized E-Stores Started Building More Advanced Logistics Systems

Rosegal (PR Newswire) - 30 December 2016

LOS ANGELES/PRNewswire/ -- Online fashion stores, Rosegal, Sammydress and Zaful innovated failsafe methods to ship their products faster to domestic and offshore customers.

As the internet has already become an all-powerful advertising and consumer interaction platform, social media and mobile apps have started defining the fast-shifting fashion trends. This has changed the traditional approach to advertising and marketing. The primary challenge before ecommerce businesses is to offer trendy clothing, whereas they also need to keep the prices at a competitive level and rethink supply chain management to ensure faster delivery. As a result, the shopping sites are now fast shifting their strategies to stay connected with their customers through social media, mobile apps as well as websites.

Rosegal has recently boosted its delivery speed as well as quality of services by designing and implementing its own supply chain. The online store is now using advanced learning algorithms which have been programmed to identify demand and supply gaps faster and to replenish the inventory before major shopping seasons. This has ensured that the customers can always find products in stock and also helps the inventory managers in backtracking logistic speed. Most of their products are now processed and packaged within 1 to 3 business days, whereas 3 to 15 business days was their processing time earlier.

Sammydress, on the other hand, has launched a Priority Direct Email service. Customers registered for the service can expect their products to arrive faster and can also enjoy lower shipping products, with zero chances of products getting damaged during shipping. At present, the Priority Direct Email service is only available in the US, the UK, Germany, France and a few other countries, though Sammydress has plans to extend its Priority Direct Email service to other countries very soon.

Zaful has been trying to rise above competition by offering super-high discounts on products and shipping or both. Customers who place orders above USD$30 can get free shipping, which encourages customers to buy products online. Customers who buy products worth USD$99 or more would get faster shipping -- Express Shipping, whereas other customers would get standard shipping. Customers who have queries about the logistics or shipping can contact their store directly. Zaful has also introduced its helpline number which is +(1)-888- 830-0888, in order to answer customer queries faster.

SOURCE Rosegal

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