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Website is an anonymous place to discuss issues related to male and female interactions.  If Yahoo! Answers, Wikipedia, and Dr. Phil had a baby, it would look something like


Marketing Donut

Marketing DonutA groundbreaking online marketing resource has launched in the UK to help small businesses improve their marketing. Backed by Royal Mail and Google, Marketing Donut combines the advice and wisdom of well over 100 marketing, sales and PR experts, a...


Social Media Vision

Social Media VisionSocial Media Vision Blog is a focused on Social Media, New Media, Technology, and all things Web 2.0.  Social Media Vision is a blog offering Social Media Marketing and Technology tips, with social media strategies targeting bloggers, en...


Super Pink

Super Pink is a survival guide for 20-something women, with thoughts, ideas, and information regarding everything from careers, friendship, relationships, and everday advice.


The Internet Protectors

The Internet ProtectorsThe Internet Protectors is a community of people just like you. Some of us are experts, but most of us are just normal computer users who need a little help and advice in dealing with the threats that lurk out there in cyberspace. From cybercrime ...