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2nd Big Data & CEM World Show 2017

2nd Big Data & CEM World Show 20172nd Big Data & CEM World ShowDate: 01-02 March 2017Location: Jakarta, IndonesiaThe digital universe carries its indistinguishable existence into the physical world, which has been growing its size and visibility of data. This phenomenon enable...


Big Data & CX World Show 2016

Big Data & CX World Show 2016Big Data & CX World ShowDate 02-03February 2016Location Swissotel Sydney, AustraliaBIGIT is organising the Big Data & Customer Experience (CX) World Show in Sydney, Australia with the University of Queensland as its official knowledge part...

Press Release

Big Data and CX World Show 2016

Big Data and CX World Show 2016Sydney, Australia ---- Australia’s technology industry is seeing vast opportunities with PM Malcolm Turnbull’s recent announcement on restoring funding to National ICT Australia, the nation’s preeminent IT research institute which is currently ...


BIGIT Technology Malaysia 2016

BIGIT Technology Malaysia 2016BIGIT Technology MalaysiaDate: 19-20 September 2016Location: KLCC Convention Centre, MalaysiaFollowing the success from the BIGIT Technology Show Malaysia 2015, we are pleased to announce that we are back for 2016!Featuring the much-anticipated 4t...


BIGIT Technology Singapore 2016

BIGIT Technology Singapore 2016BIGIT Technology SingaporeDate: 22-23 March 2016Location:  Marriot Singapore Tang Plaza, SingaporeBIGIT, which stands for Big in Technology, is organising the BIGIT Technology Singapore 2016 featuring the 3rd Big Data and Smart Cities World S...

David Smart from Saudi Arabian Monetary Agency (SAMA) on IoT and more at #BIGITSG2016

David Smart from Saudi Arabian Monetary Agency (SAMA) on IoT and more at #BIGITSG2016Big data, IT and IoT and heaps more from SAMA’s David SmartSocial Media Portal (SMP): What is your full name, job title and role (what do you do there) for Saudi Arabian Monetary Agency (SAMA)?David Smart (DS): I am the programme director for faci...