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Corporate Social Networking Forum

Corporate Social Networking ForumCorporate Social Networking Forum - Connecting business with social networkingAbout the Corporate Social Networking ForumNetworking with colleagues, supporting alumni and employee community initiatives and creating an environments for staff to soc...


Enterprise Snockles

Snockles Enterprise is a social networking platform for internal business use, integrated with mobile phone SMS technology for an always connected communication and knowledge sharing platform.

WeCanDo.BIZ - Ian Hendry

WeCanDo.BIZ - Ian HendryWeCanDo.BIZ - ProfiledAn interview with Ian Hendry, Founder at WeCanDo.BIZSocial Media Portal (SMP): What made you start WeCanDo.BIZ?Ian Hendry (IH): The web is great for interacting with people regardless of where they are.  It can also be u...